MEPER has the capacity and experience to develop strategic plans and provide strategic direction for its clients

At MEPER, we have simplified strategic planning for our clients by answering these three major questions; Where we are now? Where do we want to go? How do we get there? With this approach, we have managed to emerge as one of the leading strategic planning consultants in Uganda. MEPER has the capacity and experience to develop strategic plans and provide strategic direction for its clients.  We have undertaken assignments in both strategic planning and business development for various entities and have emerged successful. Under strategy planning, we focus on exploring, analyzing, planning, and evaluating business plans for our clients. MEPER ensures that its clients achieve long-term and focused business strategies by defining their vision, mission, goals, and objectives, strategies and tactics. We follow a well-designed strategic plan that covers all the economic, social, environmental and political dimensions to help our clients unlock great potential in their business.

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Through reviewing our clients’ strategic plan, we can realign their vision, strategy and leadership team towards their strategic goal. Our work also involves facilitating focused discussion sessions with the stakeholders and management for measurable progress and accomplishment for the good of the client’s company. Using our client’s business development strategy, we define the target audience, carry out research, choose a business development strategy and tactics to be used. Our team is well versed and experienced in business development and have successfully turned around business strategies for various business. We have achieved this by providing our clients with a clear direction, allowing the effective use of resources, ensuring progress, and helping in decision making.

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The company’s clients are critical to the success of the tasks and because of this a plethora of feasibility studies and trainings have been conducted, strategic plans have been drafted and developed