a tool to choose the best project for our clients

MEPER boosts skills in project appraisal and management, as it possesses the expertise and experience to conduct them. This structured process of assessing the viability of a project involves calculating its feasibility before committing resources to it. We use this as a tool to choose the best project for our clients so that it can enable them to attain their goals at the end of the project. Here, we make a comparison between different options through using the decision technique or economic appraisal technique. While using this approach, we review the projects given to us by our clients and give an estimate of what has been invested and what profit is to be gained.


MEPER possess the skills and talent to execute all tasks in its area of specialism.

Team Work

MEPER is committed to executing all the given tasks at hand.

Client Centered

MEPER prioritizes the interests and needs of all its clients

an effective action plan through an appraisal

The process begins from the initial because it puts our clients in a better position to make a decision on how to spend the resources allocated to the project. We do appraisal projects in various sectors of economics, financial, technical, operation, and schedule, but we majorly focus on economic appraisal and financial appraisal. Under the economic appraisal, we focus more on the business‘ benefit and less on the resources spent on the project. The financial appraisal involves the cost of the project and its expected revenues, which prevents the company from overspending. Organizations are always on the lookout for solutions to particular business problems as well as finding the most suitable way to implement the solutions. An organization will therefore need an effective action plan through an appraisal and that’s where MEPER comes into the picture. We form project appraisals for our client’s business which serve as the major process for analyzing and approving their project.