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Mutual Economics and Policy Evaluation Research (MEPER) assists organizations in creating monitoring and evaluation programs to determine the efficiency of the project using accumulated knowledge.

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MEPER assists organizations in creating Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) programs to determine the efficiency of a project using accumulated knowledge. As a leading provider of this service, we offer unmatched experience and in-depth management along with an extensive reach. MEPER also covers all the essential steps of this process which include designing realistic data collection approaches for different environments, data analysis, program evaluation, and analyzing and reporting the outcomes objectively and with credibility. Our program helps to strengthen your interventions and also increase project impact. Through this, we have helped various organizations carry out Monitoring and Evaluation programs in a well-structured manner.

We start by identifying our client’s goals and objectives on which the program will be built. While developing a logical framework for an M&E program, our team ensures there is a deliberate action taken throughout the project’s lifespan while determining the project’s requirements at the start of the program. MEPER also looks into how the program’s goals will be met and the frequency at which monitoring of the activities will be carried out. This service is not dependent on whether you are working in the private sector or public service because our aim is to set measurable outcome objectives for all our clients. Our program enables our clients to apply the M&E methodology to their context practically and help them understand how to report and assess impact and value for money.