WE assess the practicality of a proposed project

Incorporated in 2017 as a profit-making organization, Mutual Economics and Policy Evaluation Research Limited (MEPER) on Economics, social, policy and evaluation research. MEPER draws from the values embedded in the rich economic social factors of Uganda, East African, Africa and the world at large to resolve the ever-growing developmental challenges faced by the population of Uganda. MEPER uses a developmental approach that is in line with the United Nations Sustainable development goals and the national development goals.

we design this study to make a relatively, quick and accurate plan for your business

We conduct feasibility studies to assess the practicality of a proposed project. Through this we help our clients understand if a given project is operational and technical as well as economically applicable. This study summarizes the advantages and disadvantages to support decision making and demonstrate if the project is doable or not. We carry out this study during a project life cycle or after the business case


We know that market survival is dependable on demographics and geographical location among others for it to be consumed. Therefore, we design this study to make a relatively, quick and accurate plan for your business and flesh out the impossibilities in the business idea.


The feasibility study takes relevant facts into account to ascertain the likelihood of concluding the project successfully. It also acts as an objective for your company and it is based on actual credible research and statistics to help gauge the success or potential success of a particular business. Through this study, we can process how different companies evaluate and assess the strengths of their ideas, which our company can achieve on a clients’ behalf.


While conducting a feasibility study we put into consideration how the product or service offered by a particular business will benefit or bring value to its target market. We assess the market to determine its viability in terms of size, strength, and competitors to see if there’s any potential for it to survive.

MEPER analyzes the viability of a project to determine whether the client’s project is likely to succeed and how we can help the client achieve their goal. MEPER provides valuable information in developing of projects and allocating the right amount of resources to it with the help of a profit profile. Here we can summarize what is known about the attributes of the project and then place the project in a category with other projects that have similar characteristics to be able to know its potential in the market