Incorporated in 2017 as a profit-making organization, Mutual Economics and Policy Evaluation Research Limited (MEPER) that leverages on Economics, social, policy and evaluation research.

Incorporated in 2017 as a profit-making organization, Mutual Economics and Policy Evaluation Research Limited (MEPER) that leverages on Economics, social, policy and evaluation research. MEPER draws from the values embedded in the rich economic factors of Uganda, East African, Africa and the world at large to resolve the ever-growing developmental challenges faced by the population of Uganda. MEPER uses a developmental approach that is in line with the United Nations Sustainable development goals and the national development goals.  In this, we are committed to executing tasks such as strategic plans, feasibility studies, trainings, monitoring and evaluations, among others, in line with approved guidelines. Our team is made up of professionals that include Economists, Statisticians, and Sociologists to ensure outmost results.  MEPER is positioned to make an impact both at national and global levels.


Through the applications of its core values of Resourceful, Integrity, Stimulating, Excellence, Professionalism, Teamwork and Client-Centered. Mutual Economics and Policy Evaluation Research (MEPER) is committed to engineering effective, resourceful, innovative approaches to respond to Economic, social and Policy issues affecting development.


To contribute to Sustainable Development through high quality research, analysis and policy engagement


  • Resourceful- MEPER is innovative and pioneering in its quest for development solutions.
  • Integrity- MEPER is transparent and accountable in its processes and operations
  • Stimulating- MEPER Operates in an enthusiastic and encouraging environment.
  • Excellence- MEPER prides in producing outstanding products and services for all its clients.
  • Professionalism- MEPER possess the skills and talent to execute all tasks in its area of specialism.
  • Team work – MEPER is committed to executing tasks at hand with all
  • Client Centered-  MEPER prioritizes the interests and needs of its clients as.


To be an international one-stop research Center for Policy and Socio-Economic research and training


Since 2017, We have been able to fully execute tasks that include strategic plans, feasibility studies, Evaluations and Trainings in line with approved guidelines. Through our skill set these tasks have been executed and approved

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serving your organization is our business

Through competitive bidding and adherence with public procurement display authority. MEPER is able to secure jobs and execute tasks as required to the client’s expectations.


MEPER is a research-oriented organization purposed to establish facts and also reach new findings for our clients. The organization is headed by top-notch researchers who have published papers in leading journals.

Monitoring and Evaluation

MEPER assists organizations in creating Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) programs to determine the efficiency of a project using accumulated knowledge. As a leading provider of this service, we offer unmatched experience and in-depth management along with an extensive reach.

Strategic Planning and Business development

At MEPER, we have simplified strategic planning for our clients by answering these three major questions; Where we are now? Where do we want to go? How do we get there? With this approach, we have managed to emerge as one of the leading strategic planning consultants in Uganda.


MEPER is led and governed by experienced professional lecturers who conduct training in Economics, Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Appraisal, negotiations, and financial skills, among others. Our trainings are short-term learning processes that provide our learners with long-term performances in their careers and organizations and also improve productivity.

Project Profiling and feasibility Studies

MEPER analyzes the viability of a project to determine whether the client’s project is likely to succeed and how we can help the client achieve their goal. MEPER provides valuable information in developing of projects and allocating the right amount of resources to them with the help of a profit profile.

Project Appraisal

MEPER boosts skills in project appraisal and management, as it possesses the expertise and experience to conduct them. This structured process of assessing the viability of a project involves calculating its feasibility before committing resources to it. We use this as a tool to choose the best project for our clients so that it can enable them to attain their goals at the end of the project.

our clients

The company’s clients are critical to the success of the tasks and because of this a plethora of feasibility studies and trainings have been conducted, strategic plans have been drafted and developed.

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From its founding in 2017 by the Directors. The Directors are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Company and overseeing its overall management and affairs.

The Directors bring to the board their professional expertise, a deep knowledge of the policies in which MEPER works and the belief that an equitable, inclusive and resourceful world grounded in human virtues is possible.

Our team comprises of professional Economists, Statisticians, Sociologists, Engineers, Architects, Planners, and other scientists who are ready to diligently carryout their tasks.